Connecting you to music……

Got something to say but can’t express it?

The ability to express yourself in a positive and creative way in society is sometimes difficult with few outlets for young people to express the frustrations of modern life.

Some may engage in bullying, violence, or drug and alcohol abuse as an outlet. Whether it is through interacting with others in a creative way or finding an outlet for their creativity, Blues Boot Camp helps to discover the fun, joy, and pleasure that music and its community can bring.

Blues Boot Camp is a fun and challenging, two day and one evening, highly interactive workshop, where participants will gain both theoretical and practical music industry skills from trained and experienced music industry professionals.

Blues Boot Camp is designed for all instruments and is for ages 12 to 25 years with an intermediate ability level for instrumentalists and beginner to intermediate level for vocalists.

Students with learning difficulties are encouraged to attend.


Participants will be required to bring their own instruments. Drum kits, amplifiers, PA. systems and microphones will be provided.

Blues Boot Camp will provide group tuition as well as ensemble coaching that will culminate in an entire ensemble performance in the evening on the day after the final workshop.

We also cover performance skills, song writing, Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S).

Our experienced, professional tutors have the knowledge to deal with and answer questions on every aspect of performance and the business side of music in a practical and useful way.

In the 19th century West African slaves were sent to America, Europe, and South America and began to use European instruments, combining them with their own traditional folk music. The earliest recordings we have of this music are from the early 20th Century.

This is the place this Blues boot camp will explore. It is a place that combines a simplistic form of music (e.g.: 12 bar blues) with freedom of expression.

Arguably the ‘blues form’ is the basis for all for styles of contemporary western music. Whether it is pop, rock, rap, hip-hop, jazz, soul, or funk, the roots are traced back to West African Tribal music.


The communal, “call and response” influence of West African Tribal music is vast and significant and therefore worth understanding its application to contemporary music.

While having knowledge of the rules and theories of music is important, the ability to express yourself is equally so.


Through Blues boot camp participants will gain a basic understanding of the mechanics of the blues and gospel forms of music as well as practical ways to apply this knowledge to modern forms of music.


Blues Boot Camp encourages freedom of expression, combining knowledge and emotion, and fosters cooperation and team building.

Please note Blues Boot Camp is a Drug and Alcohol free program